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Trust Technology – Trust Us.

I felt like it was important to share with you a few positive journeys that a handful of our patients have gone through with their experience of treatments such as Coolsculpting Elite and EMSculpt Neo here at The Dr Jenni Clinic.

Many of our clients come to see us with similar body concerns such as stubborn pockets of fat around the abdomen, flanks or underarms, where no amount of exercise seems to target effectively or suffering with slackened or fatigued muscles. This is where our specialised Coolsculpting Elite and EMSculpt Neo devices come into their own.

My client initially booked in for a Coolsculpting Elite Consultation. This is a 45-minute appointment where we are able to sit down together, discuss any areas of concern on the body, whether you have tried other methods of reducing the fat, such as surgical or non-surgical procedures and also physically looking at the areas that you may wish to have treated. We use a semi-permanent pen to mark out the areas for you to easily visualise where we are targeting.

Our consultations are always thorough, carrying out a full explanation of how Coolsculpting Elite works, comfort levels throughout the procedure, how many treatments to effectively achieve your goal and provide the correct aftercare post treatment. Each and every individual client experiences a customised treatment and personalised plan just for them so no one treatment is the same.

A client of mine who came into the clinic to see me for a Coolsculpting Elite consultation came to the realisation that no matter what she had tried, whether it was through a good diet or regular exercise, she felt as if none of her clothes in her wardrobe fit properly or comfortably. The specific areas of concern that had been brought up in the consultation were the abdomen and flanks (hips / love handles).

This client found that she was always feeling uncomfortable in her clothes, bloated, certain areas of her body felt restricted in the clothing and got to a stage where she needed to be proactive and look into a procedure that is designed for those problematic areas.

After a successful consultation, my client was more than happy to proceed with the Coolsculpting Elite treatment and after looking at the areas that need to be treated, the initial procedure was booked within 2 weeks which suited my client perfectly.

We do advise our patients to arrive for their procedure 10 minutes before their appointment to fill in the required medical forms prior to their treatment and also inform the client to arrive in comfortable, loose clothing as sometimes after the treatment you can feel a little tender, area depending.

Throughout the procedure we usually stay with our patients for the whole duration of the treatment for 2 main reasons – checking the comfort levels whilst the applicators are applied and attached onto the client and ensuring that the Coolsculpting Elite machine is working effectively and efficiently. The freeze technology within the machine is of the highest technological scientific standard and if there are any temperature discrepancies within the applicators then the machine will pre warn the clinician. These devices are only suitable for doctor-led medical clinics.

It can depend on what area of the body we are working on and how many applicators are used during the treatment but each individual applicator ranges in time of 35 minutes and 45 minutes.

With the ultra-modern machine that we have within The Dr Jenni Clinic, we have the ability to ‘dual sculpt’ certain areas, meaning 2 areas can be treated at once. Most of our patients feel that completing 2 full sessions, on 2 different occasions – usually 8-12 weeks apart, meets their desired goal but you are able to have more cycles / sessions carried out at a later date if you so wish or perhaps because of the transformation seen, they wish to have other areas on the body catered for.

We always like to take before and after pictures of each patient to document their journey as sometimes it is hard to visually see a difference day to day, so by taking up to date pictures of the treated area, it is more noticeable to view this after 2 – 3 months as it can take this duration of time to see your change fully.

Also, something else to note is that each time you receive a Coolsculpting Elite treatment, it effectively and permanently removes between 20-25% of fatty deposits in the targeted area per procedure.

This treatment is not designed to be painful; everyone’s pain threshold is different but at times the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable because of the change of body temperature that the applicators work down to crystallise the subcutaneous fat.

My client is booked in for her second procedure in 8 weeks’ time and has already noticed a significant difference, so I am very excited to see how she feels in 3 months’ time and witness the end results.

I must admit, even after the initial Coolsculpting Elite treatment my client’s self-confidence has grown and is already feeling brighter within herself so I am thrilled to see her complete the recommended treatment plan and I know a whole new wardrobe is on the cards!    

~ Laura

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