EMSculpt Neo

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How does EMSculpt Neo work?

The paddle applicators come in two different sizes and are placed straight onto your skin in the desired areas to be treated, along with an EMSculpt Neo strap to hold the paddles firmly in place. You relax with us for 20-30 minutes depending on which part of your body is being worked on. They can be moved and adjusted throughout the procedure for comfort. You are able to have up to a maximum of 2 areas treated in one day.

Your therapist will stay in the room with you throughout the duration of your treatment, increasing the percentage of strength on the device to get you closer to your desired goal. Once the treatment time has expired, the EMSculpt Neo strap and paddles are then removed, in some cases you can experience a little redness in the area and that will be because of the heat built up from the applicator, this is absolutely normal.

At The Dr Jenni Clinic our treatments are only ever delivered by a highly trained Doctor and her team of clinicians with many years of medical, aesthetic and beauty experience in treating thousands of satisfied clients, giving you confidence in achievable excellent results.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful clinic in the village of Blisworth, Northamptonshire.

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