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EMSculpt Neo is one of our most recent investments within the clinic and since receiving the delivery of our new machine last year we have been inundated with interest including new and existing clients.

EMSculpt Neo has been specially designed for body shaping and contouring whilst considered as a breakthrough in non – invasive technology. Simultaneously using Radio Frequency and HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetism) to energise and eliminate fat whilst also building muscle mass. The device aids the reduction of stubborn fat and improvement of toning, strengthening and firming various muscle groups on the body, treating up to 9 areas including abdomen, buttocks, fronts/backs of thighs, inner/outer thighs, biceps, triceps and calves.

Sometimes no matter how much exercise you undertake, for both men and women, there always seems to be stubborn areas of fat that does not seem to shift or muscle groups that will only build up to so much in your own exercise routines.

The EMSculpt Neo device is the first device designed to eliminate fat cells and build that muscle, non invasively by a unique combination of radio frequency heating and HIFEM in a single treatment. EMSculpt Neo can surpass any amount of effort that you achieve within the gym or any exercise routine. For example, if you choose to have your abdomen treated with EMSculpt Neo, a 30 minute session would be an equivalent of 24,000 sit ups! This is because the specific paddles used on the treated area are intensely contracting the muscle, therefore being pushed to 100% endurance on the muscles itself, making the intensities unachievable during routine exercise individually.

Another huge plus point to having the treatment carried out is that there is zero down time or pain/discomfort during the procedure so you can go back to work or daily routine straight after each session.

The EMSculpt Neo machine is so advanced that it simultaneously uses those 2 main energies to both combat fat build up and build muscle mass. Using the radio frequency, we gently heat up the muscle and area being treated to between 40-45c and in less than 4 minutes to reach its desired temperature and by using this technology, it can start dissolving stubborn fatty tissue. As we are using heat in the localised area, the skin can appear slightly pink for up to 30 minutes to an hour after treatment which is absolutely natural.

The second energy used is High Intensity Focused Electromagnets that physically contract and release the muscles to help build muscle mass in the desired area.

We use 5 different ‘massage’ contraction patterns just so there is no muscle memory, ensuring the muscles are working at 100% capacity throughout the whole session.

We do recommend  for our clients to book in for an initial EMSculpt Neo consultation which is £80.00 but this money is then placed towards your first  body course so in turn the consultation works out to be complimentary. Alternatively, if you know which area you would like treated, you are able to book directly online.

A course of EM Sculpt Neo consists of 4 treatments which are up to 30 minutes long per session. The sessions are normally spaced out around 1 week apart. Each full course that is completed, is roughly equivalent to 12 HITT classes which just shows you the intensity of the device and having the knowledge that the advanced technology can achieve those body goals for you that you so wish for!

Many of my current clients receiving EMSculpt Neo have found that they can see a change in their bodies, their posture and self confidence too. It is recommended that you complete at least 2 full courses to visually see a difference in the treated areas and as long as you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, you should be able to maintain the results.

For the majority of our clients, they felt like they need a treatment that contours the body naturally, reduces fat in a healthy way, builds muscle mass effectively and collectively this device provides all of the above.

I have also witnessed my clients being more driven to become more active and maintain the results that EMSculpt Neo has provided for them in their local gyms or working out in the comfort of their own homes. If and when those clients feel like they need an added boost, they know that here at The Dr Jenni Clinic we will be more then willing to get them back on the right track and keep the momentum going to optimise those goals.

~ By Laura

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