Frequently Asked Questions

Why pick The Dr Jenni Clinic for your aesthetic treatments?

Dr Jenni is a fully qualified medical doctor with over 12 years of experience in medicine. She has an excellent knowledge of facial anatomy, musculature and movement, as well as a wealth of experience in safely conducting medical procedures.

As a doctor, Dr Jenni has an ethical responsibility to put you first and will not do anything that wouldn’t be in your best interests. She is down-to-earth, approachable and non-judgmental. She fully understands how skin and aesthetic concerns are intrinsically linked to self-confidence and therefore overall wellness, and will always ensure that you are realistic about the end results. Her key quality is in giving you a subtle enhanced look.

You will always be looked after by Dr Jenni and her team, from the first contact right the way through your skincare journey. Your needs will be discussed in detail with the full confidentiality of any other medical consultation and she is ethically bound to maintain this in accordance with good medical practice guidelines. Although we’d love for you to tell everyone about The Dr Jenni Clinic, your best-kept secrets are safe with Dr Jenni should you wish them to be!


What happens during my initial aesthetics consultation?

During your first consultation, you will chat with Dr Jenni about your skin needs and what you would like to achieve. She will take a relevant medical history from you, perform a facial analysis, and discuss your desired results. She will give you personalised skincare advice, and suggest which treatments or procedures are suitable to achieve the best results. She will ask lots of questions to ensure that any treatment she recommends will be safe, effective and right for you and she will encourage you to do the same.

Consultations are relaxed, friendly and open in nature and there is no obligation to progress with any treatment session or recommended products afterwards.


Do you offer walk-in, on-the-spot treatments?

No, we don’t. It is important to us that you are safe and fully looked after – from the moment you book a treatment with us, through to post-treatment aftercare and beyond. For this reason, we ask all clients to book with us at least 24 hours in advance and we will ensure that you have a full pre-treatment consultation where appropriate too.

Before your treatment takes place you may also be asked to complete a medical consent form.

If you would like to book an appointment, please head over to our contact page for more details. 


Can I go ahead with a treatment directly after my consultation?

In many instances, yes you can. We will advise you on this when you book your consultation.


How much does a consultation with Dr Jenni cost?

An aesthetics/skincare consultation with Dr Jenni costs £80, which can be redeemed against treatments afterwards if you choose.

For medical consultation and appointment prices, please refer to our ‘Private GP Appointments’ and ‘Functional Medicine’ pages.


Are all aesthetic practitioners the same?

Put simply, no, they’re not.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of clinics and individuals across the UK that offer treatments carried out by unskilled, unqualified and uninsured practitioners. This is why it is so incredibly important to do your research before choosing where and with whom to have your aesthetics treatments – especially if you are trusting them to work with your face.

When carrying out your due diligence we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Are they qualified and regulated as a prescribing doctor (ideally), dentist, nurse, pharmacist or paramedic to carry out your treatment
  • Can you check on their current professional registration using information they provide?
  • Is there a record of their professional training available for you to see?
  • Are they insured against malpractice/public liability?
  • Do they have a regularly-updated portfolio of work available, so you can see the treatments they’ve already carried out?
  • Do they provide their services in a clean, safe clinical location with appropriate emergency treatment available, should it be needed?
  • Do they provide clear, effective & reliable methods of communication, before, during and after treatment?
  • Do they carry out a face-to-face clinical consultation before carrying out any work?
  • Do they answer any questions you might have, clearly and to your satisfaction, before the work is carried out?
  • Do you know exactly which treatment product(s) are going to be used and/or injected, before the work is done?
  • Do you get a sense that you can rely on them to do what they say they’re going to do and that they care about you?
  • Can you find any client reviews online?

A ‘no’ to any of the questions above should raise a red flag for you. Please be mindful and choose your aesthetic treatment provider carefully.


Is there parking at The Dr Jenni Clinic?

Absolutely, there is plenty of free parking outside The Dr Jenni Clinic. There is also a lovely café on the site here at Blisworth Hill Farm with outside space overlooking a picturesque lake for you to enjoy before or after your appointment.


Do you have wifi access at The Dr Jenni Clinic

Yes, we have wifi access for our clients, so you can surf the web and check in with us on Facebook to your heart’s content!


Can I bring a book and relax before/after my treatment?

Yes, absolutely. Come and take a seat on our comfy chairs and help yourself to a drink too!


What are your opening hours?

The Dr Jenni Clinic is open as follows:

  • Monday: 10am – 6pm
  • Tuesday: 10am – 6pm
  • Wednesday: 10am – 6pm
  • Thursday: 12pm – 8pm
  • Friday: 10am – 8pm
  • Weekends – Closed

We are closed on Bank Holidays. For urgent matters, call NHS 111. For emergencies, call 999.


Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Email us at or call us on 01604 266990.

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