Let’s Talk About Nuts

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Let’s talk about nuts!

Yes, nuts are high in fat, but they are incredibly nutritious and healthy too!

So, what is so good about nuts?

They are packed with magnesium, vitamin E and various other nutrients as well as being a source of fibre. Magnesium in particular is incredibly important for our bodies to function well.

Studies also show that nuts can help with weight loss, help fight heart disease and may help improve health if you have type 2 diabetes.

They have also been shown to increase your metabolism and fill you up for longer compared to complex carbohydrates. Almonds, in particular, are especially good for this.

Even better: approximately 10% of the calories in nuts aren’t even absorbed by your body!

What nuts do you enjoy eating and how do you get them into your diet? I can’t eat hazelnuts or walnuts myself due to a mild allergy but do enjoy eating almonds!

With love,
Dr Jenni 💋x

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