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Weight Control Programme

  • Are you unhappy with your weight?
  • Have you tried conventional weight loss programmes without success?
  • Are you suffering with aches and pains or other complications due to being overweight?
  • Are you a yo-yo dieter?
  • Do you snack between meals?
  • Do you tend to eat large portion sizes?
  • Are you an emotional eater or do you reward yourself by eating?


If your weight is causing health problems and affecting your self-esteem, we can help you. 

Weight Loss Programme

Medically managed

The Dr Jenni Weight Control Programme helps to medically control your weight, and has an holistic approach to support you.

It starts with a full medical consultation and clinical assessment with Dr Jenni, of up to 1 hour in duration.

During your consultation, Dr Jenni will talk to you about your medical and weight loss history, current health conditions and weight loss goals, and will answer any questions you might have about the programme. She will also take body measurements, carry out blood profile testing, including cholesterol and prescribe you a prescription medication in the form of a weight loss injection pen, which is self-administered once a week.

You will also receive an information pack to take away with you, containing further information on nutrition and exercise.

There are no group meetings or embarrassing weekly weigh-ins, instead an abundance of ongoing support in helping you achieve health, vitality and confidence.

Why does Dr Jenni run a Weight Control Programme?

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about confidence. Carrying too much of it puts us at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Excess weight can cause other debilitating symptoms too such as lack of energy and motivation, aches and pains, depression, and anxiety.

The Dr Jenni Clinic Weight Control Programme is a unique, guided medical weight control programme for those who need to lose weight and was created to help and support you with both your mental and physical health.

It can help you safely lose weight by helping to control your appetite, curb hunger, suppress cravings and release stored fat, and by supporting you in establishing portion control and positive eating habits.

This programme is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Lose up to 5-10% of your body weight
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that you are supported by a fully qualified medical Doctor
  • Have a full clinical consultation before beginning your weight loss journey
  • Take a prescription medication which can help you lose weight and stop you feeling hungry
  • Avoid embarrassing weekly weigh-ins, synonymous with many other weight loss initiatives
  • Take things at your own pace and remain on the programme for as long or short a time as you choose
  • Commit to positive lifestyle changes over time

Will I be hungry?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel hungry whilst on The Dr Jenni Clinic Weight Loss Programme. This is because the prescription medication that forms a part of your weight loss journey helps with satiety (feeling full).  

How long does it take to see results?

We are all uniquely individual, so the time taken to see results can vary from person to person.

The Dr Jenni Clinic Weight Control Programme is completely flexible and can be carried out for as little as a month or on an ongoing basis.

Treatment Prices

Treatment Price
Initial consultation, which includes
  • A full weight control consultation with Dr Jenni, lasting up to one hour
  • Examination including BMI calculation and waist measurement
  • Blood tests to check kidney and liver function, blood sugars, thyroid function and cholesterol
  • A starter pack, including your first weight loss pen and supervision administering your pen
  • A customised management plan
  • Follow-up with Dr Jenni at 3 weeks
Each month thereafter £300 - £350

Dr Jenni is a Certified Partner of the National Medical Weight Loss Programme.

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