“I took my pre-teen daughter to see Dr Jenni as she was struggling with breakouts that high street products were not controlling well. Dr Jenni was kind, understanding, and made her feel totally at ease, best of all we now have a skin care system that works and is not full of harsh nasty chemicals, such a boost to her confidence thank you.”

Rebecca Mead

“I went to see Dr Jenni to discuss my skin problems and she was so helpful. She listened to me and advised on the best course of action and some wonderful products to use going forward. Would definitely recommend.”

Sarah Smith

“Dr Jenni is a very professional and gentle individual and all aspects of the process is explained clearly. I chose to use Dr Jenni and her service because of her high level of training, the research carried out on the beautiful and effectual products and her passion to help people with their skin, regardless of having any issues or not.”

Gita Savage

“I have had my home care regimen prescribed and it was a revelation. The Alumier products are high performing, beautiful, don’t contain any nasties and aren’t tested on animals. I highly recommend Dr Jenni to anyone wanting to care for their skin and themselves in the best way possible, with the best treatment, care and advice.”

Anna Gates

“I have now had two different treatments with Dr Jenni. I’m so very thrilled with cryotherapy, I had a couple of small skin tags which were removed so quickly and easily, plus a few areas of sun damage that I was self-conscious of.”

Tracey Carpenter

“I have had one treatment of cryotherapy with Dr Jenni to remove an area of visible sun damage on my face and the results have been amazing! Not only that but having a doctor administer these treatments means you get all the benefits of Dr Jenni’s years of experience, ethics, professionalism and care.”

Anna Gates

“This lady is one of the most amazing, caring and inspirational people I know. If it wasn’t for seeing her for a skin consultation, the Basal Cell Carcinoma on my face would have continued to be ignored by me as I thought it was just a spot. This had never been picked up by any other health professional when I had facial treatments. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with Dr Jenni, I’m so glad I did.”

Penny Hopkins

“Lovely experience – Dr Jenni is personal, friendly and professional :)”

Rachel Langer

“I visited Dr Jenni to have the wrinkles above my top lip treated. I have wanted treatment on this area for a couple of years now but was very wary of going ahead. Dr Jenni put my mind at rest as soon as I met her and the fact that she is also a GP totally reassured me. I am delighted with the results – no hint of the puffy lips I feared and my wrinkles have smoothed and the entire area looks very natural. Would not hesitate to recommend the treatment to others.”

Katie Tyler

“I’ve been a client of Dr Jenni for over two years now. I’ve been using her beautiful products and having peels regularly. Absolutely loved these.

Most of all though I love her. She’s kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding, non judgmental and completely professional.  Perfect balance of ethics and compassion.

Recently I had lip filler because I felt my lips were looking a little deflated, few lines round them due to life, smoking and a nervous little habit of chewing my lip.

I’d booked twice previously and cancelled because I was nervous. Finally on Friday I went for it, I couldn’t be happier. The process was more or less painless due to her numbing cream, didn’t take long and we giggled through the entire thing( typical when we get together) she made sure my mental health was in a good place and I couldn’t have felt more cared for. Thank god for women like you Dr Jenni.xxxxx”

Estelle Morphy

“Dr Jen is the ultimate professional. From the first consultation to post treatment advice, she is first class.

Nothing is too much trouble for Jen & she is always available to answer any questions.

There’s no hard sell and she made me feel comfortable and safe throughout my experience.

She is the only person I would trust with my face!”

Kate Moss

“I just had my very first fillers treatment with Dr Jenni today – I was so nervous even though she’d explained everything to me beforehand. On the day she just put me completely at ease, and walked me through every step – she was so gentle and I really feel like she listened to what I wanted. The results were amazing – I love my new face and I’m so glad I chose Dr Jenni to do the treatment.”

Laura Armitage

“Highly recommend. With a fully trained medical background, Dr Jenni is completely different to most places that offer these treatments. I am fully confident that what she offers is scientifically researched, safe and effective. She is also LOVELY which makes the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable and indulgent. Not to mention the results – I looked much, much younger, much less tired and generally my skin felt amazing for weeks after.

She’s always on hand for advice and product recommendations and I am now taking much better care of my skin as a result.

Definitely book in with Dr Jenni, your skin will never look so good!”

Sarah Threlfall

“Highly recommended. Dr Jenni professionalisms was out of this world.

Friends and family commented how great my skin looked after the treatments.”

Amanda Roderick

“Absolutely brilliant! Jenni is highly qualified and very professional. Her knowledge of products and how they work with the skin is amazing.

Great person, great variety of treatments and great products.

I would definitely recommend Jenni to everyone who is interested in any aspect of looking after themselves and their skin.”

Jemma Francies

“Dr Jenni is a highly professional and ethical doctor. I went to her as I was recommended. She impressed me with her knowledge and no hard sell with her recommendations.

I personally have Botox treatments and buy skin products. I recommend Dr Jenni to anyone one looking for aesthetic treatments. She now has quite a following so you are in safe hands!”

Nadis Mitchell

“THANKYOU Dr Jenni!! I’ve always had very deep frown lines & large pores which have most definitely affected my confidence! I am generally an anxious person & get nervous trying new things , so the thought of Botox made me nervous, but Jenni set my mind at ease, with her medical background & calming friendly nature! I would not go anywhere else! Trust & honesty is s massive factor when it comes to any medical procedure & Jenni gave me both of these!

It’s been 2 weeks since my treatment & I am soooooo happy with the results!! I 💯 would recommend Dr Jenni to my friends & family!! Xx”

Michelle Hall

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