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We asked one of our patients from this year’s hay fever clinic to write about their experience, and this is what they said:

I heard about The Dr Jenni Clinic through someone at work who had been there to have the hay fever injection. I suffer really badly with hay fever, and this year was particularly bad. In the early part of the summer I thought I was going to have to take time off work. I usually get streaming, itchy eyes and the constant running nose, but this year I had breathing difficulty too. It started with a cough that was just so irritating, and of course everyone looks at you like you’ve got COVID! Then I seemed to not be able to take a big deep breathe. It was almost like I could feel the pollen in my airway- it was horrendous.

My colleague told me that they had the hay fever injection with Dr Jenni and that their symptoms had improved massively. I hadn’t heard of the injection before and had tried all the usual stuff from the pharmacy. I know the injection is a last resort, but my symptoms were so bad it was affecting work and everything else.

I booked in online and attended the clinic about a week later. I know how busy they were because everyone was suffering. The clinic was easy to find and there was loads of free parking right outside so no stressing about finding somewhere to park in town. The appointment was about 10-15 minutes long and everything was explained to me and all my questions answered.

In around a week, I really started to notice my symptoms ease up. They didn’t go away completely but became totally manageable. I wish I had known about The Dr Jenni Clinic sooner and I wish I’d known that this could make such a difference to my hay fever! It sounds stupid because it’s winter, but I’ve already booked my 2023 hay fever appointment because I know how busy it will be! I was also told it’s best to go around the time your symptoms start.

If you suffer from bad hay fever, I highly recommend this place!

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Our 2023 hay fever clinic is open and can be booked here. Our clinics do book up well in advance, so it’s a good idea not to wait until you’re really suffering!

If you have an experience from our services that you would like to share, please get in touch!

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