The Importance of Self Care

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Life in 2020 seemed to be very odd, didn’t it? We are experiencing all these life changes together and trying our best to cope as much as possible. Lockdown is back with us in 2021 and looks like it might be here to stay for a while.

Uncertainties, new realities and current stressful times can make any of us feel anxious, out of our depth or unsettled.

It is important to remember that feeling overwhelmed or stressed is a natural response to these strange times and although we may not be able to control the events that are going on right now, we can control how we respond to these challenges. This is where self-care comes into play.

Why Self Care is so Important? 

Self-care can be different for each and every one of us but ideally, it’s about looking after yourself physically and mentally. Anything you can do to make yourself feel better or cared for can be considered self-care. This could be ensuring you go outside for a walk each day or taking in the fresh air and enjoying the nature around you. Just doing this can make you feel very grounded and connected to your surroundings.

Perhaps baking is your love and you haven’t had the opportunity to get back into it; give it a go and see how it makes you feel!

Self-care doesn’t have to involve a huge time commitment and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either, it’s all about making that commitment to put yourself first for a change, even just for a little while.

Self-care can boost your self-esteem – by taking time to relax and look upon yourself more kindly. Studies have found that people with higher self-esteem find it easier to deal with setbacks and are more likely to achieve goals of self-improvement. Making these changes can help to manage mental health issues and might even prevent them from getting worse. Improving your mental well-being, taking time to care for yourself both mentally and physically is really important.

Remember self-care is not a “one-off” thing that only happens when we’re feeling overwhelmed, it needs to become a part of your everyday life.

Exercise is a great area of your health to focus on, especially through these challenging times. Endorphins or ‘feel-good’ chemicals are created in your body in response to exercise.

Ensuring you are taking the time to switch off every now and again is essential.

At The Dr Jenni Clinic, you are always welcomed in a warm and professional manner. The environment and space that we have to offer here at the clinic is exceptional.

Upon entry into the grounds, you will notice the picturesque scenery, nature and gorgeous location of the clinic. Walking through the door at The Dr Jenni Clinic you are greeted with pure luxury, a spa experience with the tranquil sound of water from our water feature, surrounded by beautiful green foliage.  

You have the opportunity to sit down and relax in our blissful waiting area, listening to the peaceful music playing in the background to promote a harmonious experience.

Here at The Dr Jenni Clinic, we have an array of treatments, services and products to help you in any way possible. Supporting wellbeing and self-care from the inside out, we can recommend supplements such as tablets, powders and sprays along with drinkable food supplements catered specifically to you.

How we choose to take care of our bodies internally affects the condition of our skin, hair and nails as well as impacting our mood.

We hope that the current situation will soon be at an end, and we can welcome you to treat yourself to a rejuvenating hands-on facial, indulge in a de-stress massage or even a beautiful manicure and pedicure. We will always ensure you are well looked after.

Please take time to browse through our website to see what you would like to treat yourself to, we look forward to seeing you very soon.

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